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LABMAN Full-Process Nucleic Acid Extraction System


The traditional viral nucleic acid detection process, taking the centrifugal column method as an example, includes sample inactivation, removal, nucleic acid extraction and purification, reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and fluorescence determination. These steps are complicated to operate, not only have biological hazards, but also consume the mental and physical strength of the experimental personnel.

Therefore, we provide a full-process automation system (LABMAN full-process nucleic acid Extraction System) to solve the above problems.

The experimenter can leave the laboratory after loading the sample tube and the reagent required for testing into the system. The whole pre-test processing process is completed through the pre-set program, and the real-time running status and final experimental results are obtained on the terminal, which greatly reduces the burden of the experimental personnel. The main automatic steps include: automatic inactivation, automatic opening of sample tube after inactivation, nucleic acid extraction and purification based on centrifugal column method, RT-PCR/PCR reagent addition.

With a 40-year history of manufacturing automation systems for more than 160 customers in more than 40 countries, Labman has extensive experience in the field of laboratory automation manufacturing, including liquid handling, powder handling, weighing, pipetting, mixing, data management, and hardware integration. Labman has a team of nearly 200 professional engineers covering mechanical manufacturing, electrical control, software design, and has the best research and development and innovation capabilities in the field of laboratory automation. In addition to the rigorous work style, the team is also full of young people's creativity and enthusiasm.

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