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YOUNG IN ACE Ion Molecular Mass Spectrometer IMR-M


YOUNG IN ACE Ion Molecular Mass Spectrometer IMR-MS

Model: ACE 1100


Ambient air and water pollutants: volatile organic compounds

Indoor air quality (sick building syndrome) : formaldehyde

Odor: Sulfur compounds (mercaptan, thioether)

Automotive interior: formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds

Occupational safety and health: residual fumigants

Semiconductor manufacturing: Detection and monitoring of gaseousmolecular contaminants

POCT: marker of infectious disease

Product features:

fast analysis, real-time analysis, accurate results, online analysis, online monitoring, vehicle available


10.1 inch, TFT color LCD, embedded Linux basic program support  for enhanced security, system control and data monitoring.

The ACE 1100 touchpad controller sets up and manages every part of the system. The independently operated 10.1-inch touchpad controller can be used for field operation or mounted operation in the vehicle.

ACECube Software:

Analysis method establishment, analysis data processing

Real-time data acquisition, database matching and identification


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