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Automatic Liquid Powder Distribution System


Labman Automation Ltd., based in North Yorkshire, UK, is a designer and manufacturer of custom laboratory automation systems and robots. Founded in 1979, it has a reputation for quality products designed and manufactured by its dedicated team of engineers, tailored to the specific requirements of each customer.Systems manufactured by Labman operate in more than 40 countries in the fields of chemistry, biology, medicine, food, materials science, environmental monitoring, and water quality testing.

Labman has nearly 200 professional engineers working in the mechanical, electrical and software fields. It has 40 years of experience in the experimental automation industry, has mastered a wealth of experience and technology in industrial applications and examples, and applies this knowledge and technology to the design of various automation systems to produce personalized products that customers really want.

LABMAN Laboratory automation workstations are used in many industries, such as water treatment, coatings, personal care, agriculture, life sciences, biotechnology and medical, food and beverage, petrochemical, scientific research, high-throughput manufacturing and more.


The overview 

The system is used for formulation research and development. The system consists of a test tube holder that can hold 45 50mL centrifuge tubes. Powder and/or liquid is added to the centrifuge tubes using a special dispensing unit and mixed by a magnetic stirrer. The quality of the added material is determined by the reduction method and the balance. The electrical conductivity of the system is monitored, and when it is stable, its pH value is measured and adjusted to the appropriate range. Then cover the tube and return it to the output rack. 45 formulations and pH adjustment processes can be completed in 8 hours.


Technical characteristics:

Dispensing (liquid and solid dispensing accuracy up to 1mg)

pH measurement (pH measurement range 0-14 pH ±0.01)

pH adjustment (with injection pump, acid/alkali add volume as low as 1uL)

Automatic calibration (weighing calibration and pH probe calibration)

Temperature measurement (system temperature measurement range -5 to 105°C ±0.1°C)

Conductance measurement (system conductance measurement range 10-200 mS/cm)

Mixing (magnetic stirring on when adding powder/liquid and pH adjustment)

Cleaning (pH probe and conductivity probe cleaning)

Distribution unit (simultaneous mixing and weight distribution monitoring, with self-mixing storage equipment)

Powder feed (two different feeders available for fine and rough samples)

Liquid feed (3 peristaltic pumps and 3 injection pumps)


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