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Automatic Resistivity Measurement System


Labman Automation Ltd., based in North Yorkshire, UK, is a designer and manufacturer of custom laboratory automation systems and robots. Founded in 1979, it has a reputation for quality products designed and manufactured by its dedicated team of engineers, tailored to the specific requirements of each customer.Systems manufactured by Labman operate in more than 40 countries in the fields of chemistry, biology, medicine, food, materials science, environmental monitoring, and water quality testing.

Labman has nearly 200 professional engineers working in the mechanical, electrical and software fields. It has 40 years of experience in the experimental automation industry, has mastered a wealth of experience and technology in industrial applications and examples, and applies this knowledge and technology to the design of various automation systems to produce personalized products that customers really want.

LABMAN Laboratory automation workstations are used in many industries, such as water treatment, coatings, personal care, agriculture, life sciences, biotechnology and medical, food and beverage, petrochemical, scientific research, high-throughput manufacturing and more.


The overview 

The system checks the electrical properties of film samples, such as conductive inks and adhesives. A slide holder (from the automatic coating system) loaded with 20 sample (<1mm) slides was loaded into the system and measured with a specular reflection laser profiler with a measurement deviation of ±25um. Adjust the instrument to accommodate transparent and opaque samples, using slides as a baseline to improve the accuracy of each sample. The four-point resistivity probe measures the current passing through the sample at a specific voltage, and after the sample thickness is known, the overall resistivity is calculated. A special slide frame is used to ensure level to achieve high precision and repeatability. Use floating bearings to avoid damage to the measuring probe.


Technical characteristics:

Resistivity measurement (including Jandel 4-point probe and RM3000 + test unit)

Profilometer measurements (transparent/opaque surface measurements, high repeatability and accuracy)

XY ball screw shaft (heavy load, small recoil and position error)

Separate frame (measuring device separated from shaft and environment to ensure no external factors)

Compact (small laboratory system with room for upgrades)

Slide rack (magnetically fixed sample, more user friendly, easier/fast loading)

This system is an automatic resistivity measuring system, which is used to measure the resistivity of a large number of thin film samples. Can be improved or customized according to user needs.


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