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Intelligent Laboratory System


The maximum processing capacity of the intelligent laboratory system is 96 samples /8h.

The process is as follows:

a. To avoid sample contamination and reduce chemical and biological hazards, all reagent tubes are kept covered during equipment operation, unless pipetting or filling is taking place.

b.The sample tube in the non-operating state is in the temperature control area, and the temperature is controlled at 4±3℃.

c. The system can set, execute, monitor and trace the system running status through the software interface.


Intelligent laboratory system product features:

1Equipped with two different capping base, to achieve a variety of reagent tube capping. In order to avoid contamination, the tube cover is used in one-to-one correspondence with the reagent tube.

2Equipped with two pipettes of 1mL and 5mL respectively, the liquid depth can be fixed or moved with the liquid level. It is equipped with 4 injection pumps of different models, which can realize the functions of sample dilution, chemical reaction, extraction and internal standard in advance.

3Vortex oscillation mode.One batch can handle six 15mL centrifugal tubes at the same time, mixing time can be freely set.

4The centrifuge is deeply modified to adapt to the operation and operation control of the mechanical arm. One batch can handle 6 15mL centrifugal tubes at the same time, with a maximum speed of 9000rpm. Centrifugal time can be set freely.

5The sample table is a sunken design, the temperature is set at 4℃±3℃ according to customer needs.

6The program interface clearly displays the system status and warning.

7Users can easily set the workflow.


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